Wireless charging
at home and on the go

With the Dash Portable Wireless Chargers, never run out of power again.

See how it works

Ditch the Cables

Where’s that charger head again?

Oh wait, that’s a micro cable.

I just need to untangle this blasted cord.

You’ve had at least one of these conversations with yourself, right?

Eliminate the cables and the muttering and charge on with wireless charging.

Pop it on the stand. Drop it on the pad. And dash.

Here’s what you need in a charger

DASH Wireless 7500
  • Charge IQ™

    Charge IQ™ automatically detects your device and optimizes the charging speed for the fastest possible charge.

  • Charge Protection™

    Charge Protection™ automatically turns your Dash Series charger off when your battery is full, protecting your battery from overcharging.

  • Swift Charge™

    Swift Charge™ enables ultra fast charging for your Dash Series battery pack, getting you back on the go twice as fast.

  • High Quality Finish

    Soft touch rubber coating, aircraft grade brushed aluminum, LED battery status indicator, every detail counts.

  • Wireless Charging Stand

    Charge your phone while you use it on your desk. See texts and check out who’s calling. Perfect for your night stand. You can both wake up fully energized.

Go Wireless!

Wireless Charging provides a convenient, safe, and reliable way to charge your device at home and on the go.